Hi, I'm Jessica



I’m proud of my heritage, and I’ll never forget where I came from. My parents were loving, hardworking, and disciplined - values that ground me today.


I was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. My parents, Elsa and Jose “Joe” Colón, migrated to Illinois when I was a toddler so that my father could get a new job at a steel mill, having been a coffee plantation farmer, an automobile mechanic, and a body man when he was in Puerto Rico. 


My father worked as a Steel Crane Operator at his new job and owned his own tow truck for his auto body and mechanical business. He worked two to three jobs while my mother raised the family. She was a proud homemaker, and she helped my father with the business. 


I was raised Catholic, and I fulfilled my sacraments, married, and baptized my children all at the same church, St. Agnes. I’m a proud graduate of Bloom Township High School. 


Like many, I came from humble beginnings, but my parents always told me that I could achieve anything I put my heart and mind toward. 


As a prosecutor and now as a judge, it’s important to me to serve my community beyond the 9-to-5. I’ve had the privilege of working with many community organizations, sitting on boards, and holding officer positions. No matter the role, it’s important to keep the social fabric of our community strong.


A little bit of my community service:

  • I served on the board of the Spanish Community Center in Joliet and the South Suburban Family Shelter.

  • I served as president of the Will County Women’s Bar Association.

  • I co-founded and served as the first president of the Latino Bar Association of Will County.

  • I had the honor to be appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to the Character and Fitness Review Committee.


In addition, our Illinois Supreme Court appointed me to teach other judges as a part of the Judicial Educational Conference (a kind of continuing legal education for judges), and to serve on the Criminal Justice Committee, the Access to Justice Committee, and the Illinois Judicial Conference’s Weight Caseload Study Task Force. I also serve on the Illinois Judges Association and Illinois Judges Foundation board, and am a member of the Illinois Latino Judges Association.


It’s important to me to assist the organizing committee of Will County’s law student extern program, which gives upcoming lawyers a chance to see our Will County court system firsthand. I further continue my mentorship with the Diversity Scholarship Foundation. 

I also am serving on my childrens' local school board.


This is all volunteer work, but to me, it’s not about money or glory – it’s about service and strengthening the ties between people.


Integrity, Equality, Community

It is my mission to continue to form a strong and fair judiciary, to assist in selecting qualified Associate Judges that reflect the best of Will County, to help manage our Public Defender's office, to preside over chosen court calls, and to have a voice in implementing programs that can further help strengthen and protect our communities.