Judge Jessica Colón-Sayre Campaign Calls on Bob Bodach Campaign to Stop Deceiving the Voters

Bodach Campaign Trying to Fool Voters into Believing He’s Been Recommended by State Bar Association in This Race

JOLIET – William Morgan, campaign manager for Judge Jessica Colón-Sayre’s campaign for Circuit Judge (Powers Vacancy), issued the following statement calling on Bob Bodach’s campaign to immediately cease the deceitful messages trying to trick Will County voters into believing Bodach was given a “Recommended” rating from the 2022 Illinois State Bar Association Judicial Survey – when he was not:

“It can be hard for everyday people to be educated about the judges who are on the ballot, which is why the nonpartisan Illinois State Bar Association ranks judicial candidates on temperament, legal ability, and more.

“But the process doesn’t work when someone who was found Not Recommended – actively campaigns saying he is.

“Will County deserves a judge who won’t try to deceive the people. There is no reason to call yourself Recommended – when you are not – unless you are deliberately attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the voters.

“Bob Bodach is trying to use recommendations from other years, for another office (associate judge, as opposed to Circuit Judge) to confuse voters. Instead, his campaign’s actions now are proof positive why he was found Not Recommended.

“Perhaps Bodach’s willingness to be deceptive, like many of the criminal defendants he represents, is part of why the members of the legal community who were polled gave him low marks on impartiality (66.12), integrity (70.34), temperament (66.94), and meets the requirements of office (60.16).

“Misrepresenting your credentials should disqualify you from being a judge anywhere in the United States – and certainly here in our beloved Will County.

“Say no to deceptive practices in our legal system. Say no to Bob Bodach.”

The full ratings from the Illinois State Bar Association in 2022 can be found here (website) or here (side-by-side comparison). Examples of Bodach’s deceptive advertisements can be found here (recent mailer), here (Facebook post), here (Facebook post), here (literature piece mailed across the county), here (Facebook post), here (texts to voters) and here (gif). Other examples exist on his Facebook page and elsewhere.

Judge Jessica Colón-Sayre received a Recommended rating from the Illinois State Bar Association, 2022.


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